McKeon SafeSpace™ Dynamic 110 Coiling Door

McKeon SafeSpace™ Dynamic 110 Coiling Door

When operational wind load is a significant factor. 

An Operational wind load of 110 mph combined with the time-tested durability of a McKeon vertical acting wide span opening protective makes this product an ideal solutio
n in any environment.

  • Assembly tested up to 30 feet in width
  • Wind load introduced and maintained on they assembly over the duration of a complete opening and closing cycle

Ensured vertical operation during sustained high wind loads offers the end user flexibility to use these assemblies in virtually and structure in any application.

  • Guarantee consistent work schedules and protect building content without compromising occupant safety
  • Parallel installations in drive-thru work bays located in extreme high wind load areas are perfect applications for this workhorse
This product is patent pending

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