Boone County Landfill

Project Overview
Project Types:
  • Other
Product Types:
  • Floor Coatings & Finishes
  • BASF Construction Chemicals
Location: Boone, IA
General Contractor: HPC
Architect: RMH Architects

The owner was looking for a floor that would provide heavy-duty protection in the areas they park the end loader sheepsfoot. We began by prepping the designated area, then applying a two- component, 100% solids liquid epoxy bonding adhesive. The area was topped with 1 ½” of BASF’s Mastertop 300, a heavy-duty metallic aggregate topping. Mastertop 300’s energy absorbing capacity is significantly greater than plain concrete, integral fiber concrete, and high-strength natural-aggregate toppings; making it the perfect solution for this project. Once poured and leveled, MasterKure CC 1315WB, a transparent water-based blend of acrylic polymers, was sprayed on to cure, seal and dustproof the freshly placed and finished floor.