Iowa State University Student Innovation Center

Project Overview
Project Types:
  • Education
Product Types:
  • Specialty Doors & Operable Walls
  • Cascade Coil
  • Cornell
  • McKeon
  • Other
Location: Ames, IA
General Contractor: Henkel Construction
Architect: Substance Architecture

Skold Door Company installed two McKeon, Safescape® S9000 Series, side coiling fire doors at Iowa State University’s Student Innovation Center. A 15’-0” x 12’-4” side coiling S9500 fire door was installed on the first floor and included two 3’-0” egress doors with fire exit hardware to close off the stair in a fire event. When deployed, complete compliance with shaft enclosure opening protective requirements is achieved. The second floor contained a 64’-0” x 9’-0” side coiling fire door with one 3’-0” egress door. This side coiling fire door was able to accommodate a curve run application, allowing it to fully enclose the stair while still providing a 3-hour fire rating and conventional egress door, providing a simple resolve in a multi-floor challenge of vertical separation and egress.

In addition, multiple Cornell overhead coiling doors and counter shutters were installed throughout the building, along with an 18’-0” x 10’-1” NanaWall, folding glass-panel partition, at the entrance of the large conference room. Finally, two Cascade Architectural, mesh, metal, security curtains were installed on the first and fourth floors to secure the Innovate 1858 student retail store and the Sparks Café.